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Traveling with Cats

Traveling with cats is not usually a lot of fun and can be a huge hassle. If you are moving, traveling with your cats is unavoidable. You may also have the rare cat that enjoys, or at least tolerates, road trips or you don’t have a cat sitter, so you must take your furry creature […]

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Traveling Can Be Affordable!

Everyone should have the opportunity to travel, but so many who wish they could travel have their dreams dashed by the reality of being on a tight budget. A limited budget does not mean that you have to live your life without getting to see destinations that you have admired in magazines and movies all […]

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Budget Travel For College Students

When it is time to head home for the holidays, college students start packing and planning. Since many students are on a budget, finding good travel deals is essential. Follow these tips for traveling on a shoestring by air or by rail. Purchase air tickets at least two weeks in advance. Travel on budget airlines, […]

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