5 Tips for Protecting Your Privacy While Traveling

Many times when we leave home to go on a vacation or a business trip, we do not put enough focus on protecting our privacy. Being in a new and exciting place can sometimes cause a huge lack of good judgment. Use the 10 tips below to help you keep your privacy safe.

You should always be aware of what the privacy settings are for your photos on social networking or photo-sharing sites. Many times the default is set to public and will stay that way unless we change it. This means that anyone that is online can have access to your personal photos. You should change your settings so that only people that you know are able to see them. Also, only tell those that you know and trust very well that you are on vacation. It would be best to post your trip photos after you are already back home as an extra safety precaution.

It is not practical for you to carry all of your sensitive documents around with you when you are on your trip. There is a chance that you can lose them while you are out having fun. Keep all important documents back at the hotel when you go out, but make sure to keep them locked in a safe so that no one has access to them.

All of your digital devices should be given a password so that you are the only one that has access to the information on them. Cell phones and PDAs are the two most important devices you should be protecting. Most of the time people put addresses, phone numbers and other personal information in there. You do not want all of this information to get into the wrong hands, so keep these devices locked.

When people visit tourist destinations, they are so excited by all of the new things that there are to take pictures of that they do not realize the dangers in not securing their cameras. Unfortunately, there are people that lurk around and prey on tourists because of that specific fact. Try to keep your camera secure as much as possible. Return it to your bag as soon as you are done taking a picture, even if you know that you may be taking more fairly soon. This may seem like an inconvenience, but it will keep your camera safe.

If you have to use a public computer while you are on your trip, make sure that you log out of it when you are done using it. You should also try clearing the cookies right after you use it. The last thing you want is a stranger to get access to any of your Internet accounts.

While these tips may seem a little bothersome, they will keep your privacy safe from questionable characters. Do not allow yourself to be the target of identity theft. Do everything that you can to keep your items and information safe while you are on your trips.

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