Easier Traveling With Kids On Airlines

Traveling by plane often is the best way to get your family from home to your destination quickly and without delay. Of course, things can happen at the airport that may delay your plans, but less frequently than making a long trip by car. There are plans that you can make to reduce the discomforts and annoyances that traveling by plane can bring. Use the tips that follow to develop a travel plan for your family to make it a pleasurable experience for everyone.

Try giving your child the window seat on the plane. There are some children that will not like having the ability to look at the clouds out the window, so monitor their reaction to be sure that the blind on the window does not need to be closed. If your child is happy with what they see, point out the things that you can see far below on the ground and see if they can figure out what they are.

Pack a lot of snacks and drinks for your flight and time spent in the airport. Many children are made happy when presented with a snack. Use food as a bribe to get them to behave, or as a reward for behaving in a positive manner.

Pack games for the children to play. The more activities you have on hand, the more time your kids will spend having fun instead of being bored. You can find a great selection of travel games in many stores. Games can also be played on laptops, handheld gaming consoles, iPads or iPods.

If a portable DVD player is not something you own, it is well worth the investment to buy one and some headphones to go with it. If you cannot afford to buy one, ask a friend or relative if you can borrow one for your trip. Pack a variety of DVDs so your child has a selection to choose from.

Do not confine your child to their seat for the entire trip. Allow them to stand up and stretch their legs a bit every half hour or when the flight permits it. The longer you force them to stay in their seat, the more anxious they will become.

If your flight is long, ask the flight attendant if there are any open rows of seats where you and your child could relocate. Allowing enough room for your children to sleep during the flight may save you and the other passengers the pain of hearing them scream for the duration of the trip. Many times, a flight attendant will be very accommodating to parents of young children and will be happy to either move you or move someone in your seating row to another seat.

When traveling by plane with your kids, proper preparation will mean the difference between a trip that never seems like it is going to end, and one that everyone enjoys and does not want to end. Use the tips you learned here to prepare for your flight with your kids.

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