Eight Tips for a Good Safe Hotel Stay

When you are traveling alone or with others, it is very important that you are as safe as possible. Once you arrive at your hotel, do not assume that you and/or your belongings are automatically safe. Read the following article to give you some tips on how to assure safety while staying at a hotel.

Everyone knows that it is very important to lock your hotel room door when you are leaving your hotel room, but many fail to realize how important it is for you to keep the door locked when you are on the inside. If there is a deadbolt or a chain lock on the door you should keep that secure as well.

When you are walking down the hall on the way to your room you need to make sure that you have your key in your hand. You do not want to wait until you are directly in front of your hotel room before trying to search for your key. That is one of the ways that many people get robbed while they are visiting hotels.

When you are leaving a hotel room for a period of time you should make sure that you do not leave any valuables laying around. You should try to take most of your valuables with you, but if that is not a practical choice you can take your valuables and leave them in the safe at your hotel. Leaving them at the front desk to be kept in the safe will keep them safer than if you use the one that is in your room.

If you are not expecting someone you should never open the door of your hotel room. In case there is an unexpected knock you should ask who it is and what they want. You should try to take care of whatever it is without opening the door at any time.

If you meet someone inside or outside of the hotel you should not give them your room number at all. While it might seem like they are harmless and friendly, you never know what their intentions are so you should be extra careful.

If you are traveling alone and you feel like someone may be an unsavory character you should avoid getting in the elevator with them. You can always wait until the next one comes and get on it. You are much better off being safe rather than taking unnecessary chances.

If you are leaving your room close the drapes if you are in one of those hotels where your room is on the ground level and/or can be looked in by others. You do not want someone to see what you have in your room and attempt to break in while you are gone.

The basic tips that are outlined here should go a long way in helping you remain safe while staying at a hotel. Always stay aware of your surroundings and if something feels wrong then go with your first instinct.

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