Go on a stress-free Cruise

Although the recent cruise ship disaster has made headlines around the globe, most passengers on a cruise ship have very little to worry about beyond minor problems like lost keys, spending too much money or missing the ship. These tips can help you avoid those minor problems and have a great trip.

Don’t miss the ship. This may sound like a given, but some people plan to arrive in port the day the ship leaves. Then when their airplane is late they climb on the ship tired and stressed out or miss the ship altogether. Arrive in town a day early. Then you won’t need to worry about missing the ship.

Hide your valuables. Even on a cruise ship there are thieves. Hide your valuables in something that looks ordinary like a tooth brush case or tackle box. Consider leaving irreplaceable items at home.

Avoid tourist traps. The destination stops are fascinating and ready to serve the tourists. They are also ready to charge the tourist for everything. Children line the docks peddling handmade goods and they are just the beginning. The restaurants raise their prices when a ship is in town and many stores as well. Just as gas prices are highest close to the highway, tourism prices are highest close to the docks. The price of your meals is included with the cost of the cruise so pack a lunch and take it with you. Consider walking or taking a taxi to a less touristy area of town. Buying trip packages through the cruise line is actually a good deal because the cruise line negotiates a fair price for their passengers.

Use your carry on. With all the luggage going onto the ship at port it can take a while for your luggage to reach your room. Bring the things you want to use right away, like a swimsuit, with you in your carry on. Then you can go swimming while you wait for your luggage to arrive.

Don’t lose your key. Some cruise lines have keys and some have key cards. Keep your key card in your wallet and on you at all times. Your key can be attached to a lanyard and then worn at all times. Always make sure you have it before you leave your room. If your key gets lost the cruise staff will be able to help you, but you will spend time stressing that could be spent relaxing by the pool or sitting by the bar.

Bring extra cash. While the cruise line will just put things like t-shirts and other souvenirs on your bill you will need money when you are wandering around at each stop. You don’t want to be searching for a cash machine and paying outrageous prices for using an ATM when you could be enjoying the sites.

Following these tips can help you have a vacation that you will remember fondly for a long time. It will keep you from stressing out about being locked out of your room, losing valuables or spending beyond your budget.

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