Have Fun Traveling with Kids

Taking a road trip with kids in tow is not always a joyful experience. It is, however, possible to have fun with the kids on a road trip. Read on for some excellent tips on traveling with your kids.

Bring lots of fun activities to do in the car. One good idea is to take a couple gallon-sized Ziploc bags and fill each one with different activities. For example, you can include crayons, colored pencils, blank paper, coloring books, tic-tac-toe boards, mini travel games like checkers or Connect Four. Pack two such activity bags for each child, but remember that each bag gets different stuff. This way your kids can switch bags throughout the trip and there are plenty of new activities.

Before the trip, go to the store and pick up a new toy for each child. This should be a surprise, so don’t tell your kids that you are getting them a new toy. Do make sure that you get a toy that your child wants or has been asking for. Give the toy to your child after you get on the road. In addition to a toy, it is also a good idea to get a new book or comic that you know your child will enjoy.

There are a number of portable DVD players on the market, choose one that has a car power adapter, long battery life, and that you can plug headphones or ear buds into. Take several DVDs that your kids enjoy. When it gets late or the kids are getting cranky, pull out the DVD player and get a DVD going. This gets boring if used too often, so save it for when the kids are driving you crazy.

Pack a variety of single serving snacks. Although it is less expensive to buy a big bag of chips, it is also a lot messier. If you do want to save some money on snacks, buy the big bag and separate servings into sandwich size plastic bags. Chips, pretzels, trail mix, fruit roll-ups, and gummy fruit snacks are good choices. Carrot sticks and apple slices are healthier snack choices.

Drinking a lot while on the road leads to many stops for bathroom breaks. Avoid giving your kids sugary drinks, which make them have to use the bathroom more often than if they drink water. Limit the amount that they drink, within reason, of course.

When you do stop, choose places where your kids can get out of the car and run around. Even better, choose a place where they can be loud too. A few minutes running round, screaming like banshees will give your kids an outlet for all their pent-up energy. For even more fun, run around with them! Play a quick game of tag or “catch me if you can”.

Keeping kid occupied is the biggest key to fun road trip travel with kids. If they have something fun to do, they don’t have time to whine, cry, or demand.

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