How to Pack Luggage Effectively

Most airlines now charge extra for each piece of luggage that you take with you. With this in mind, it is important to learn how to pack your luggage effectively to minimize the amount of luggage that you take on your vacation. This guide will help you pack effectively.

Shoes take up a lot of space in your luggage, so decide how many pairs of shoes you really need. If you are not planning on going to a nice restaurant or to an event that requires you to wear nice shoes, then forego the heels. Wear walking shoes and pack flip-flops or other light, comfortable shoes. If you do need nice shoes for an outing, plan your outfit before leaving. Take only the shoes that you need to complement the outfit.

Use the zippered compartments in your luggage. These compartments offer a place for hygiene items and important papers. Using these compartments on the outside of the main luggage compartment leaves more room inside the suitcase.

If you roll your thin clothes, they take up less space. T-shirts, light pants, and shorts are all clothes that you can roll. If you worry about wrinkles, just stick them in a dryer for a few minutes before you put them on to refresh them. Many hotels have dryers available.

Zipping your garments is a good idea. This allows them to lay flat and doesn’t cause wasted space due to fabric overlapping. You can also press down on your garments after placing them in your luggage to squeeze air from between garments.

When traveling, take a purse that is compressible. Although you may normally like a purse that has cardboard to keep its shape, it is better when traveling to make the most of your space. A purse that can lie flat is a wise choice. Also, you do not want to ruin the shape of a purse that can be damaged by rough handling.

Jeans take up a lot of space in your luggage. If you will only be gone for a weekend, one pair of jeans should be sufficient. If you are traveling for a week or more, find out if laundry facilities will be available at your destination. If so, then you should need no more than two pair of jeans. Wash clothes instead of packing more.

While packing, look at each item individually. It is really necessary to pack a bottle of shampoo and conditioner? Maybe you can get away with just shampoo for the length of time you will be gone. With each item you pack, think about how much you will truly need that item while you are gone. Certainly pack necessities, but avoid packing “just in case” items. Feminine hygiene products can be purchased at your destination, as can many other hygiene items. When packing for kids, think about how many extras they will actually need. Packing a few toys is good, taking half the toy box is unnecessary.

Arranging your belongings in your luggage when traveling is sometimes tricky. By following this guide, you can pack your luggage effectively.

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