Making International Travel Easy

International travel is exciting and can also be enlightening. If international travel is new to you, it can also feel a bit overwhelming. There is a lot to pay attention to when traveling, from time changes and foreign customs to passports and currency. To make your journey go smoothly, follow the helpful advice outlined below.

Learn the common language of the place you plan to travel, and spend some time practicing. Before you visit a foreign country, you should be able to say at least a few phrases in the language of the land. Also, if you are taking an iPhone or other electronic device, load a language application. There are translation tools and language dictionaries available, often at a low price. You can also use your computer to find a language buddy to help you practice before leaving on your trip.

Do some research on the local customs and national holidays of the country you are visiting. This can help you avoid embarrassing yourself and also make sure you have a hotel room reserved well in advance if you are traveling during a holiday or event that can cause all the hotels to be full. Also, if you are planning to visit a museum, you want to make sure the place is open during the time you will be there.

Make a copy of all your important papers, such as your passport, national ID card, drivers license, and birth certificate. Scan and email these copies to your email address and to a friend, and also keep a copy in a location separate from the actual documents. If you lose the documents or they are stolen, it will be easier to get things sorted out if you have a copy of them.

If you are traveling internationally with pets, make sure you learn all the regulations that you and your pet will be subject to before leaving. Some countries have a strict quarantine procedure, and others only require quarantine if you do not have certain documents.

Make sure to confer with your hotel to make sure pets are permitted at the time you make the hotel reservation. You will also need to learn about policies regarding whether you can leave your pet in the room when you go out sightseeing, or if your pet cannot stay in the room if you are not there.

You should call ahead and find a veterinarian near your hotel, in case of emergency. Try to find a vet that has a language in common with you, or have a plan for a translator to be present.

Learn what time zones you will be traveling through, and be prepared for an acclimation period. It can take several days to become accustomed to the time difference. If you can go through time zones gradually, do it! Being sick from jet lag is not only unpleasant, it can cause you to postpone some plans.

As you can see, there are many things you can do to prepare for your international vacation or business travel. Don’t let stress ruin your trip, just use the tips outlined above to keep you sane and help your travel flow smoothly.

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