Security In The Hotel Room

Many travelers make the common mistake of assuming that the hotel rooms they stay in are safe. Often times they are, but there are still precautions that should be taken to ensure that you are safe when you are in your room and that your belongings are safe when you are not. Here are some things you can do to protect yourself and your belongings.

Always lock your hotel door. Whether you are in the room or not, be sure that it remains locked at all times. When in the room, be sure to use the chain lock on the inside of the door. You never know when someone could get confused about whether your room is their room or not, or when someone who wants to rob or hurt you may make an attempt to enter your room. Having the door double-locked will make it more difficult for them to enter.

When you leave your hotel room, be sure that you pull the door closed and that it is locked when you leave. Not every door in hotels automatically lock when you leave the room, and for that matter, not all of them will close completely without a little tug to get them latched. Do not make the mistake of leaving the door open, welcoming would-be thieves into your room while you are gone.

If your room is equipped with a safe, use it! Lock up anything that might be tempting to a thief. If you have brought excess jewelry with you, lock it up tight in the safe.

When you leave your room, keep the television on. It can deter thieves from entering your room, because they might think that you are still in your room.

Valuables that are too large for a safe, or if you do not have a safe in your room, should be placed in the closet. Do not leave things out in the open at any time. If someone can see your valuables, they are more likely to make an attempt to steal them.

Retailers sell transportable door alarms or door jammers that can be used in the room. A door alarm is very simple to use and can make quite a bit of noise if someone opens your door. You simply have to attach one half of the door alarm to the door frame and one to the door. When the contacts on them are not touching, the alarm will sound. That noise should make a thief run in the opposite direction. Door jammers are even simpler to use. You just use them to jam the door and prevent it from opening while you are in your room.

Even at the nicest, most secure hotels, theft occurs. Preparing yourself against this will help you to protect your belongings so you can enjoy the sights of the city without worrying that your belongings are being stolen while you take it all in. The tips given here should give you a bit of an advantage against a would-be thief in your hotel room.

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