Taking a Road Trip with Ferrets

If you are going on vacation and cannot find a sitter for your ferret, or you are moving to a different state and are, of course, taking your furry rascal with you, then you need to learn about traveling with ferrets. There are some important considerations, so keep reading!

The first thing to do is find out if ferrets are legal in all the of the areas where you are traveling and at your destination. In the United States, ferrets are illegal in California, Hawaii, some cities in New York, and some cities in Texas, among other places. If you are traveling to an area where ferrets are illegal, find a sitter and leave your ferret at home. If you are moving to an area where ferrets are illegal, contact your local ferret rescue and a ferret rescue organization at your destination. Get all the info available so you can make the right decision about whether or not to take your ferret with you.

Prior to traveling, take a quick trip to the veterinarian. Have the vet give your ferret a quick check up, and make sure he is up-to-date on all vaccinations. If there are any medical issues, now is the time to deal with them, no when your are two days away from home, sitting on a tropical beach watching your fuzzy splashing on the surf.

Stop frequently to give your ferret a few minutes to play, eat and drink. Your ferret should be caged while traveling for his own safety, but when you stop it is a good idea to let him out of the cage to roam a bit and have a bite of food. You should have water always available, when traveling using a water bottle is usually better than having a water dish in the cage. The cage should, however, be equipped with a small litter box as your ferret undoubtedly will need to use the facilities once or twice while on the road. If you are able, put a hammock in the travel cage, or at least several old shirts or a small blanket so he can sleep comfortably.

Calling ahead to hotels where you plan to stay is vital. Make sure they allow ferrets, and find out if there are extra fees involved so you are prepared. When you arrive at the hotel, get on your hands and knees to look around the room, under the bed and desks, and in the bathroom. Make sure the room is ferret-proof before letting your ferret out to explore this new environment. If you leave the room for any reason, make sure you cage your ferret first. It would not be good for housekeeping to discover your ferret as she is vacuuming.

Traveling with ferrets is a challenge, but with proper planning, you can do it! Use what you have learned to make your vacation or moving adventure with your ferret safe and comfortable. As long as you plan carefully, a vacation with your ferret can be a pleasant experience.

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