Things To Consider For A Successful Road Trip

Going on vacation can be a fun pastime for the whole family. Road trips do require a bit of planning and with a few ideas in mind, you are sure to have a memorable trip. This article contains a number of tips to help your travels and prevent any mishaps!

With modern technology on the rise, it can be hard for some to imagine life without GPS. Remember, you never know what happens and technology can malfunction on a whim. Pack some good old fashioned maps of areas you will be driving through. This will ensure that you safely arrive on time and know where you are at all times. Most grocery stores and truck stops sell travel maps for this very purpose and they are quite affordable.

Eating at restaurants while on the road can get pretty pricey, especially in larger cities. Save some money and time by taking some groceries with you. Purchase non-perishable items or snacks that you are able to eat on the go. If you have an icebox, consider purchasing some cold cuts and bread to make your own sandwiches while on the road. Don’t forget to pack some healthy veggies like baby carrots or celery sticks with ranch.

It cannot be stressed enough that it is important that you drink plenty of fluids, most of it being water. Your local grocery store probably sells water bottle packs by the dozen. Purchasing bottled water before your trip is a smart choice as it will keep you hydrated, healthy and works well within your budget. Most small town stores, restaurants and truck stops do offer bottled water, but for ridiculously high prices. You can expect to pay almost as much for one small bottle of water as you would for a pack of 24 or 32.

Your car should be in tip top shape before going on your road trip. Not servicing your car and checking your spare tire can lead to disasters miles from home. It is much easier to be on the safe side and give your car a quick check up than to prolong a problem and have it cost you your money. This is especially important if you are working with a tight budget. Having your car breakdown, in a low population area can eat away at what you have budgeted for your trip and cost you precious time.

Keep some back up batteries with you. This is especially important to consider if you have a flashlight, boom box or anything that runs on batteries. Depending on where you are going, local stores may not have the batteries you seek or their prices are three to four times more expensive than what you would pay back home.

Pack a small first aid kit and keep it with you in your car at all times. First aid kits can be purchased at your local supermarket or you can choose to make your own. A successful kit should include items like band aids, adhesive tape, alcohol wipes, tweezers, scissors, antibiotic ointment and elastic bandage. Remember, these are just some of the items you should seek to include. By researching a more comprehensive list of items to include online, you can be fully prepared. Also keep in mind if you are traveling with a special needs person. This means if someone has diabetes or asthma, make certain to be prepared for any problems that may arise and bring proper medication.

If you have already put together a first aid kit, make sure to prepare a survival kit as well. Having a first aid kit is not the same as having a survival kit. These kits should include a flashlight, energy bars, a signal mirror, fixed knife, fire starter, compass, water container, canned food, cordage and some form of a shelter (tent or tarp). You never know what happens on your trip, so be prepared for anything and everything. It won’t cost you to add some extras to the trunk of your car!

Have a worry-free trip by applying all that you have learned from this article. Don’t go on your trip unprepared! Be armed with knowledge to prevent disasters and mishaps before they happen.

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