Tips For A Fun Summer Road Trip

Road trips can be fun, but can also lead to disaster for the unprepared. Arm yourself with a few simple tips and plan your trip the right way. Have some fun this summer and have a memorable experience you can look back on years from now!

A day or two before the date of your road trip, make sure to clean your car. Take care to vacuum the inside, throw out any trash, clean the windshields and wash the outside. Make sure that your car is properly serviced and ready to travel before going on your trip. Even minor problems can lead to disaster miles away from home where you don’t know anyone and don’t know where to go for help. Keep on the safe side and take care of your car issues before leaving.

You already know where you are headed, but do you have a schedule in mind? Depending on your trip, it is advisable that you calculate how much time you can drive without overworking or stressing yourself. Make note of rest areas where you can stop for bathroom breaks or to relax for a bit. With road trips, it is tough to know exactly how everything will pan out. Roads can be backed up and detoured or weather can be hectic, but either way, it is important to have at least a vague schedule you can stick to.

Driving on the back roads can provide a much better experience on a road trip. Back roads let you experience the local culture and can give you an insight as to how others live in the area. There are fewer accidents, crazed drivers and the pressure of constantly watching over your shoulder is eliminated. If you get lost, you have a chance to stop and sort your location out with a map or a GPS.

Take some CDs or create a playlist on your MP3 player to lighten your trip. Music can really cure boredom and help you enjoy your trip! This is especially a great tactic to use if you are traveling with children. Make sure to create a mix of everyone’s favorites and switch music styles so you don’t grow tired of listening.

The sun makes your skin the most vulnerable during the summer months with the relentless UVB and UVA rays shining down. Make sure that you purchase sunscreen and apply it at least fifteen minutes before going on your trip or participating in any outside activities. It is advisable to purchase sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30 or above to ensure your skin is safe. Sunglasses are another accessory you should not forget to pack. The sun can damage your eyes and lead to premature wrinkles. Protect yourself the right way and have fun!

People usually rarely do this, but should! Don’t forget to pack some garbage bags to hold your trash. If you don’t want to compromise the space, take some old rolled up grocery bags (make sure no holes on the bottom). This is a great way to collect trash such as soda cans, candy wrappers, banana peels, tissues and whatever else you may need to throw out. It is imperative that you don’t litter the landscape and dispose of your trash properly in a waste bin. Most truck stops and rest areas have a place where you can unload your trash.

Having a successful road trip depends on the amount of preparation you put into the planning. Use some or all of the ideas from this article to help you start preparing for a fun trip!

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