Tips for Overseas Travel

Whether you are going to a regular summer vacation spot or taking a once in a lifetime vacation, you want to plan well to avoid problems. Use these tips to prepare for your summer vacation, and you will be ready for anything.

Check your destination country to learn what immunizations are required and recommended. If you have previously opted out of immunizations for yourself or your children, this is a good time re-evaluate that decision. While polio is rare in the U.S., it is common in other countries. You want to make sure your family is properly immunized to avoid becoming sick and possibly infecting others when you return to your home country.

Take a look at your passport. Make sure it is valid, and will continue to remain valid for several months past your scheduled return date. If an emergency causes you to stay abroad longer than planned, you want to know that your passport will be valid when you are able to return. Also, make sure your passport is not damaged. If the dog got hold of it and chewed a few bits off, it is probably time to replace it.

Buy travel insurance that will cover your medical needs while abroad. You should carry enough coverage that you are covered for minor injuries and major emergencies. You may not think you need it, but if an earthquake buries you beneath a building and you require major surgery, you will be thankful that you have it.

Research the weather at your destination. Learn what weather is common for the time of year that you will be traveling, and pack appropriately. Also be aware of disaster potential- if you are traveling to an area that commonly experiences hurricanes, be prepared for that possibility.

Get travel insurance that covers you in case you must cancel your trip. This insurance should also cover delays in travel, including delays in returning home.

Make photocopies of important documents. This includes your passport, birth certificate, social security card, national ID card, travel itinerary, and other documents. Keep the copies in a separate location so that if you lose any documents, you will have the information you need to replace them.

Find out if there are any travel advisories associated with your destination. If there are travel advisories, learn more about them. You may need to postpone or cancel your trip if there is serious political unrest or other problems.

Research local laws and customs where you are traveling. Ignorance of the law is not a defense, and some countries take certain things very seriously that are not serious offenses in your home country. You need to know the law to avoid breaking it.

Give your itinerary to someone at home, and keep that person updated on your travel. If you make a change to your itinerary, let that person know. It is important that someone at home knows where you are and who you are with at all times.

Using these tips while planning your vacation will ensure that you are prepared for your trip. Don’t waste time scrambling days before you leave; prepare in advance of your travel dates.

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