Tips for Safe Cruising

Cruising has become a popular form of vacation travel for many people. This type of vacation is fun, all-inclusive and has many advantages. But as is the case with any form of travel, there are precautions you should take to remain as safe as possible.

Shortly after boarding the cruise ship, either before or after it leaves the dock, there should be a drill in which you are to report to a lifeboat station. Crew members will be available to tell you where you should go in the unlikely event of an emergency that necessitates evacuation of the ship. They will also demonstrate the correct way to wear a life jacket, and they may relay other safety information. You and your party should make it a point to attend this drill. Should the worst happen, you will be glad you did.

When on board the ship, it is always wise to avoid any areas where you will be alone. Sadly, even on a cruise vacation, there may be people aboard who are either unstable or dishonest, and they may try to harm or rob you. Remain cognizant of your surroundings, and try to stay in well-lit areas in which other people have congregated in order to avoid any unpleasant encounters with unsavory individuals.

You can expect your ship to dock in several ports during your cruise vacation. When this occurs, you have the opportunity to disembark and do some sightseeing, shopping or exploring on your own or with a guided tour. Try not to go off on your own when you go ashore. There is safety in numbers. Not only that, but you are less likely to get lost if you are with other fellow cruisers from your ship.

Your cabin door should remain locked whether you are inside the cabin or elsewhere. A locked door keeps unwanted intruders from wandering into your cabin either on purpose or unintentionally. You will appreciate this regardless of whether you are in your cabin or not when an unwelcome visitor enters your room. If you are not in the cabin, the person might walk off with any items that you have in your cabin.

While it is wise to keep any of you valuables in the ship’s safe, having someone else walk off with your belongings can cause you to be inconvenienced at the very least, and may result in the loss of extremely valuable jewelry or even money. So, keep yourself and your possessions safe by remembering to lock your cabin door.

There are many opportunities on cruises to eat, drink and be merry, but do not overdo it. Overeating and drinking too excess can result in you becoming ill and not being able to enjoy part of your cruise. If you drink too much, not only might you become sick, but you may engage in behavior that you may regret. You want to have good memories from your cruise, not bad ones, so try not to ruin it by overdoing your merrymaking.

Cruising can be a fun and economical way to vacation. Use common sense to help you and your family remain safe and healthy, and you are sure to have a blast!

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