Tips For Vacationing With Pets

Many pet owners prefer to take their pets with them when they go on vacation. It saves money on boarding fees and allows the family pet to take part in the family vacation. Before you head out the door for your vacation with your pet, there are some things that you should do to be sure that your travel plans go off without a hitch.

If you are going to be traveling long distances in a car, be sure that you have made plans for regular stops along the way. You can also look into the anxiety collars for your pet, so that they can be calm during the ride. Depending on how your pet travels in cars, it could be somewhat difficult to make the journey with a dog and that should be considered before you pack up and leave home.

When making reservations for your hotel, be sure that the accommodations are pet friendly. Some hotels are very strict about the animals that they allow in their establishment and some do not allow them at all. Learn the rules before you book your room to be sure that your pet will be comfortable and welcome when you check in.

Contact law enforcement at your destination to inquire about local laws that they may have regarding pets. There may be certain vaccinations or licenses that they will need to have to be out and about in the area you choose to vacation.

Be prepared by having everything that your pet is used to having at home, with you on your trip. Pack their food and water bowls, a couple toys, leash and anything else that your pet relies on at home. The more comfortable your pet is while on vacation, the less you are going to have to worry about comforting them – the more fun you can have together.

Do not neglect to bring a pet carrier or kennel with you, so you can leave them in the hotel room when you go out for dinner and leave them in the room alone. You may have a pet that is well behaved, but when they are in a new place all by themselves, they may get destructive and end up costing you money to replace what they destroy.

If your dog has a history of being snippy toward other pets or people, be sure to take a muzzle along with you. You do not want to have the dog bite anyone else’s dog while you have it out of the hotel to go relieve himself.

Never allow your dog to get off of the leash. You do not want your dog to get lost in an unknown city. It will be very difficult for them to find you and they are not going to be able to find their way home from where you are. Granted, there have been some incredible stories of pets making their way home from vacation locations, but you do not want to take this risk.

It can be very fun to include your pet in the family vacation, but the proper steps must be taken to ensure you have the most fun possible.

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