Travel By Plane With Less Anxiety With These Tips

There are many people that cannot handle the thought of boarding a plane to travel. The anxiety they experience is real and can take a lot out of them emotionally and physically. The following tips can help anxious flyers get through the flight without suffering their usual symptoms.

Sleep aids can help tremendously, however, these pills should not be taken before the plane takes off. Many travelers make the mistake of taking the pills as soon as they board the plane, but this can be a big mistake. You never know when something can happen that will cause passengers to exit the plane. Once the pills are in your system, they can seriously impact the thought process and can make it difficult to find a gate or stay awake until the next flight takes off.

Remember that you have a person in the seat in front of you. As tempting as it can be to grab hold of that seat during times of panic, that action could make the passenger in front of you very unhappy. If you feel the need to grab hold of something, use your arm rests, or ask the attendant ahead of time for a pillow that you can squeeze.

Before you recline your seat, check behind you. The passenger in the seat behind you may be using the tray on the back of your seat or may have long legs that will be cramped if you were to recline. If this is the case, ask the attendant for a seat change, so you can be more comfortable for the duration of the flight.

Hearing other passengers conversations can make an already anxious flyer even more anxious. Bring along a good set of headphones or ear plugs so you do not have to listen to their conversations. Play calming music, audio books or anything else that helps to soothe your nerves.

If you run out of reading material while traveling, visit the airport swap shelves to find something new to read. A new book may be just the thing you need to keep your mind working and not worrying about what could potentially happen while in the air.

Take photos of your luggage and keep the photos in your carry-on bag. These photos can be use to help you retrieve your luggage if it happens to get lost. Just knowing that you have taken steps to prepare for this situation could help to relieve some of the anxiety you may feel.

Use the online check-in features that are available. Log on about 24 hours prior to the time of your flight to get the best possible seat. If you are claustrophobic, try to get a seat along the isle. It will make it easier to get up and stretch your legs and keep you from being sandwiched between a window and other passengers.

These tips may not be the cure for those with a chronic fear of airlines, but they will help those who have anxiety about the idea of flying. Use them to find comfort while making your way through the air to your destination.

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