Traveling Alone Safely As A Woman

Traveling is an exciting pastime for anyone, but there are some things to keep in mind to make your journey not only successful, but a safe one. This is all true, especially if you’re a woman traveling alone. You need to prepare for all the things that can happen when you’re on vacation. Follow the tips below to stay safe and ultimately have a great time!

Leave your contact information at home with someone who is reliable like a close friend or family member. When planning your trip and booking your hotel, you will probably already know that contact information. Leaving it with a reliable source will make sure that if something happens someone will know and can relay your contact information to the proper authorities.

Making a schedule for your trip and sticking with it is imperative. This is especially true if you are on your own. Make sure that you provide a copy of your schedule to your friends and family members. This will ensure that someone will know where you are at all times. Sticking to your schedule leaves little room for error and makes you a much smaller target for crimes.

Research the area before planning your trip. It is important that if you pay the money that the place you visit suits your wants and needs. Read blogs or forum posts of people who live in the area. Consider reading reviews of local restaurants and hotels. Believe it or not, oftentimes reviews give you a much better insight as to what a place is like. Travel brochures and magazines only highlight the good things about a destination. Thorough online research can pinpoint the negatives or more affordable tourist attractions that many guides omit.

Make sure that you make several copies of your documentation before you travel. This means, make copies of your passport and IDs to ensure that if they are lost or stolen, you still have proof of your identity and citizenship.

Pickpockets are ten a penny, especially in large cities with many people. Limit the amount of valuables you carry with you. Only take the necessities and leave things of value at home or in someone’s care that you trust. Make sure that if you have a purse, it has a zipper you can use to enclose your valuables. Don’t let your purse hang at your side while walking through a mass of people. Hang onto it tightly!

It may be tempting to accessorize your outfit with flashy accessories, but it can also gain unwanted attention from pickpockets or criminals. Try to blend in with the tourist crowd and minimize your accessories to the bare minimum. Leave fancy watches, necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and expensive handbags at home. Accessorize your outfit with costume jewelry and with a “low end” handbag.

There are dark neighborhoods in every city and sometimes you may be unfortunate enough to find yourself in one. If this is the case and you start feeling uneasy or perhaps even feel that someone may be following you, move to an area with a lot of people. This can help you get lost in the crowd and find your way safely to your destination.

Following the tips from this article ensures that you have a safe and enjoyable time during your next vacation! It is okay to travel alone armed with the right information and sources.

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