Traveling Safely In An Unknown Territory

Traveling to a foreign country can be a fun experience, but the unexpected can also happen to hinder your safety. Don’t take any chances and stand prepared for what may happen. Use the advice in this article as a traveling checklist to make sure you will stay safe and have fun.

Do your research and be well informed when you visit a foreign place. Being clueless and not knowing how to dress and act will not only bring on hostility from locals, but can put you in harm’s way. Tourists often tend to do things that they don’t see as being touristic, when in fact the way they dress, speak or act can be a giveaway. The internet is filled with information that can help you blend in. Research the laws in the country, customs and clothing fashions.

It is common for passports to be stolen overseas and identity theft has skyrocketed over recent years. Make sure that you make at least three copies of important documentation that you are carrying with you to a foreign country; the most important document being your passport. It is essentially the only real proof of your identity and citizenship status. Having enough copies will ensure that even if your documents are stolen, you will have backup to alert the proper authorities with.

As a foreigner, it is important that you know your rights and are fully aware of them. Before leaving on your trip, make a list of important phone numbers such your country’s embassies as well as any military bases. These will be of utmost importance if you are the victim of a crime or need help with paperwork.

The number one mistake people make is that admitting you’re a tourist is admirable in a foreign country. Don’t fall victim to the idea that people are overly friendly to tourists all over the world. Maybe where you’re from, you feel safe being the tourist, but remember that the world isn’t a safe place. Tourists are the number one targets for crimes such as assault, stolen identities as well as robbed valuables. Consider what native citizens are wearing and try to mimic their clothing to blend in. Don’t wear anything flashy or luxurious that can make criminals think that you have a substantial amount of wealth. Stay away from wearing expensive jewelry, using designer accessories and wearing fancy clothes.

It is never advisable to drink tap water in any country. The filtration system isn’t as clean in foreign countries as it is perhaps in the United States, which leaves room for illnesses and diseases such as Malaria. The best policy is to purchase sealed bottled water, making sure that the cap is fully sealed by the manufacturer. If you must prepare your own meals and use tap water, boil the tap water on a stove.

Even if you ask for directions from a stranger because you must, keep your contact to a minimum. Never under any circumstances should you reveal the location of where you’re staying, who you’re meeting later and where, as well as any personal characteristics that can make you the target of a crime. Use common sense when asking questions and only respond with the bare minimum. Keep your contact with strangers to the low minimum.

Staying safe in a foreign country can be hard and you may even forget the fun parts. Don’t let all of the advice overwhelm you, just be smart enough to be prepared if problems should ever arise.

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